Welcome Light Beam!

I'm so happy you found your way here.
Whether you are newly awoken, and curious about what you are meant to do in this lifetime, or you suspect you might have psychic abilities and don't know what to do next..
Trust that you were guided here

About Kasia

Australian based past life healer, energy manipulator, 6th generation psychic, psychic development teacher, and your friendly Guide around Earth School (also ironically the creator of Earth School THE group for awakened souls).  

I help all the beautiful souls that come into my sphere to find Clarity, Certainty, Connection and Co-creation in their life, and purpose work.
 In working with me you will slowly move  from an EGO state of being into a FLOW state of being.
And here's why? When we learn how to connect to our intuition, remember our psychic gifts, our path, our past life wounds, we learn how to navigate through this earth life more peaceful, more loving and more purposeful.
 When we start to live in FLOW we live larger, we see more of our limitless potential and we love deeper.

I believe that by changing our energy first we become catalysts for change for others.

  Here's something you may not know; I mentor a limited number of students a year, who wish to awaken and strengthen their intuitive abilities.and or work as Professional Spiritual practitioners 9your psychics, Tarot readers, Energy Healers)

 And here's something I really  want you to know; I am the speaker and founder of the spiritual podcast Soul led, Spirit driven
And what I really, really want you to know right now is that you are a LIMITLESS SOUL WITH ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES! A CO-CREATOR OF THIS UNIVERSE, AND ANY FEAR, DOUBT YOU FEEL...well, you are currently having a human experience!

Seeking a Speaker? Need someone to keep the crew entertained? Have you been sharing your Spiritual wisdom with your crew / employees / students but think maybe you need someone else to come and share?

Well what a fabulous synchronicity! the universe has brought us together for a reason (maybe it was Google? but surely it was our Astral team who nudged it into the right direction) I am available to speak in your Group, Club, Organisation, Workplace, Spiritualist Church or School

I can speak on any of these topics:

 - Intuition Akashic Records
- Past Lives and how they serve us...or not
- Our purpose Soul and Human Understanding Karma
- Life Lessons, Soul Contracts, Vows and past life wounds
-Seeing the bigger picture - who we are when we're not here wearing the human costume
- Energy manipulation:
~ co-creating with the universe
~ releasing old patterns and non serving bs (belief system)
~ developing your Intuitive abilities aka Psychic senses
~ Using your Intuitive abilities in every day life / work
~ Connecting with Guides

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I can also run workshop type sessions on these topics:

- Energy manipulation to heal - Need your team to release stagnant energy? to ease any conflicts between members? I can not only do that for them but also teach them how to keep their nervous system and energy balanced and optimal
- Akashic Record sessions - where we go into your records for guidance and answers (suited to a smaller group max 6 ppl)
- Teach your team how to trust  their Intuition How to unblock  your creativity
- Energy Manipulation for creativity, abundant mindset, aquire projects or money, magnetism, make better decisions

  I allow for these structured sessions 60-90 minutes but I am always happy to work with you and the needs of your team or group.   

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You are in the centre of the vortex!
At any time you can grab the reigns and say:
 "I choose different"

powerful sessions

To help you find clarity around a pressing matter, certainty in knowing that the path you're taking is the best one for you. Remember the connection to your higher self and Spirit, and learn how to co-create the life you wish to live


Have a burning question that you really need some guidance for? The SPIRIT session is divinely channeled information from your Akashic Records. We go right into the Akasha to see what information your Akashic Records hold around this specific issue. We also use my tarot cards to create the visual and my Astral team E C H O to give us the understanding and intergration so that the information that comes through is specific and not just fluff. I find that often loved ones will pop in with their guidance too which is always lovely and gives a feeling of familiarity. This immersive session is tailored to empower and enlighten you on your journey, and answer those pressing questions. To gain clarity please make sure you have no more than 3 questions for this session. Any more and we may not get through them all, as the answers are delivered in a detailed and loving way, so as not to create overwhelm. Book this SPIRIT if you have 1-3 questions and experience the power of this divinely-guided, 1:1 session via zoom. replay will be sent to you afterwards within 48h
30min session

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karma session

In this powerful 45-minute KARMA session, We will go into your Akashic Records and find and clear the pattern(s) / blocks that are currently affecting you, even limiting you. I will look into both past and present life patterns that are affecting you so that you can align yourself with your most ideal time line. Sometimes this means looking into your possible future if you stay on your current path. We can do this for love, career, money, family and relationships as well as general happiness. If you’re trying to manifest a desired life but are unsuccessful, we will go into your Akashic records, and clear, resolve, and uncreate patterns that no longer serve you, allowing you to transcend your current limitations and manifest your desires. Knowing what is blocking you is so important to be able to fix it and move forward. By accessing the ancient wisdom and guidance from your Akashic Masters and Teachers, we will break energetic cords and release stagnant energy, that’s preventing you from realising your full potential. This session is also for you if you keep attracting the same negative patterns in your relationships. We can find out how to prevent that in the future. The added bonus is the video and audio recording of the session sent to you, which allows you to come back to it as needed. one transformative session
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Soul Path Session

This90min session is a once in a lifetime kind of reading. Discover who you truly are,.
 Find out where you came from.
Learn about your life lessons, your past lives and how they affect you in this life. Are you a Starseed? What Cosmic race are you? The sacred information contained in this, your Soul's blueprint will help you to discover who you truly are, find a deep sense of meaning and purpose in your life, and find true happiness from within
My clients describe this session as healing, and transformative.
90min session
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the catalyst

You're doing ok in business but would really like to know how to move the needle more...or faster... Perhaps you are considering a different path but aren't sure whether it's the right time/move/ decision for you? Maybe you are on the Psychic development path and would like a quick 1h Mentoring session to see whether you're on the right track? Whether what you're experiencing or not experiencing is right? Not quite ready to join SoulSchool or PRACTICUM just one hour of power within your Akashic Records will do. This session is for you. As I go into your Akashic Records and with the help of my Astral Team E C H O you will receive the highest possible guidance. Are you ready to elevate your business or take your psychic development to the next level? Your Guides and Akashic teachers and myAstral team will empower you to find your purpose, path and direction. This is not your average 'business mentoring' or 'psychic mentoring' session. You don't need to hear my thoughts and experience, what you want is the information contained within YOUR Akashic Records as that will unlock something within you to propel you to that next level! Replay will be sent to you within 48h
1h session

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HOLD UP!!!! Want my free Workshop to strengthen your intuition ?

My work has helped people to...

 1. Create a seemingly unatainable life
2. Switch careers, start businesses
 3. Strenghten and use their Psychic abilities every day
4. Take big leaps of faith
 5.Connect with their Guides and build a strong relationship with them
6. Connect with loved ones and heal
7. Find Love
 8. Rebuild and repair relationships
9. Discover their spiritual path, purpose, direction
10. Heal from pain and wounds in this life time and past lifetimes

You are so gifted but right now you are only seeing the top of the iceberg of that!
  Begin transforming your life by infusing all areas of you life with divine guidance, mystics and creative inspiration

the Group Experience

 Given the high demand on my private-session schedule,
 these group offerings are some of the easiest and affordable ways to work with me on an ongoing basis.
To receive  guidance, mentoring and healing all in one place directly from me and my Astral team ECHO

for every soul  

Earth School is the manual  

To how to navigate through this earthly life Inside you will be able to build your own journey, as you uncover more about your Soul, and learn how to tend to your human, how to navigate through this earthly life.
 The learnings you will receive inside Earth School will help you to awaken to your multisenses, explore other realms, expand your concioussness and heal the human

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Enrolment open now!
Start in November

for the SPIRITUAL  facilitator


Go beyond LIBERATO
go deeper with your craft
learn more practices that strengthen your abilities
learn to fascilitate, learn to trust...
be a confident channel for SPIRIT
Practice in real time, start building trust with clients, and confidence within your own abilities
This is for those who wish to use their intuitive / psychic abilities to fascilitated professionally
LIBERATO is a pre-requisite

minimum 6 months in this space is required to feel the full benefit from what SoulSchool can do for your work

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Slow down!! before you keep scrolling Would you like to know my 5 powerful secrets to an efortless communication with Spirit? Like actual tools to help you hear your Guides? Your higher self? and what goes with that...
improving your intuitive abilities?
then you must grab this bundle of 3 sessions where I will share with you five powerful keys to a stronger communication with Spirit.

Listen to the podcast

The podcast is your companion on your Spiritual journey. Together we explore past lives, life lessons, how to navigate through this Earthly life. We uncover the mysteries of the Cosmic races and your Soul family, and we begin to activate your intuitive abilities.
My Astral team ECHO and I bring you wisdom from the Akashic records so that through them you can receive these super shifts to change your life


Private Mentoring if you wish to work 1:1 with me.
Every year I take a very small number of clients into my exclusive and private space called PRACTICUM
because it is the only space where we can work intensively and exclusively with focus on YOU.

 If you're ready to move mountains, if you're ready to manipulate your energy, re-arrange your energy so that it will change your life, and you’d like to do it in a private 1:1 container PRACTICUM is for you.

If you wish to strengthen your psychic/intuitive abilities,
 then this private and exclusive space is for you.
This is not for everyone. If you are NOT ready to receive the big shifts and transformations then this portal is not going to take you there

Client Love

 "Kasia is the real deal! I’ve worked in the spiritual realm for a while and Kasia’s gifts are out of this world. She can actually tell you your past lives, your purpose and your own gifts. I’ve done many of Kasia’s sessions including Life Path Session the Unveiling. Both were amazing and life change for me. I recently did her 3 new workshops Portal of Creation- Vasana & Astral & Limitless. These 3 workshops help to manifest our desires, heal our past life wounds and visual and action the very person you want to be. They are brilliant you dig deep into who you are and you remove blocks, you feel lighter and like you can do anything you want. Kasia stands right along side you, she is warming caring and hilarious. She cares about her clients and goes above and beyond. If you get a chance to works with this extraordinary woman DO IT, you won’t look back. Thank you Kasia for changing my life

Tracey Lee
Witch - Healer - Teacher - Enchantress

" Kasia has the most incredible gift. After my Life Path reading, I understand exactly why I was drawn to her. I loved learning about my souls journey, gifts and life’s purpose. She is kind in her approach which made it easy for me to open up. I will deeply treasure this experience. Thank you Kasia

Kym Bowman

I had a spirit session with Kasia last week, and I cannot tell you how amazing it was! The accuracy of things she was saying was incredible. Bringing up things that happened over two years ago that no one would have any idea of how much they mean to me, but she could channel it. Discussing past lives and what they were made this life, make so much more sense. To watch Kasia during this session was also unbelievable, watching her tune in and come back with a bucket load of information. My advice is book a session now! And be as open to any and all messages, be open for your guides to connect with Kasia, breathe and you will be guided.

Carly Moira 
 Online Business Manager & VA

The knowledge that this beautiful soul holds within her will open up your consciousness to the endless possibilities, held within the cosmos.  She is the Starseed mentor that I had been searching for. With her love & guidance I am finally coming home & remembering what I had forgotten so long ago. Earth School has given me more than I imagined. SPIRIT Session & Soul Path Session both tapped into my past, present & future brining my lost soul fragments back. Kasia’s Light Language container has pushed my little anylitical mind aside & allowed me to connect back with my heart & channel cosmic beings, angels & my Starseed families through speaking, signing & Shamanic drumming! My star sister Kasia, I am forever grateful to you, for encouraging me & guiding me, so I could find my way back home 

Kristy Greenardi
Director at The Chamber Room Espresso & Brew Bar

Want my super powerful, free visualisation that helps remove and clear clutter, and negative thoughts? This will also be super helpful to become a clear channel to your Guides and hear their messages clearly